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We specialise in self-adhesive labels in all chemical and agrochemical industries. We work with most of the multi-national customers to ensure their needs are met and exceed. With the unique requirement from the agro-chemical industry, we have developed a unique process and experience to ensure the requirements are met.

With our innovation, we can meet and exceed your product’s packaging challenge whether retail or commercial. We produce sharp graphic and functional label such as “Multiform” Label (Booklet Label) up to 10 pages, consistent colour band and any custom functional labels.

Here are some labels printed for agro-chemical industries.

Utilizing latest printing technology, Komark creates custom labels for food products to fit versatile applications such as plastic or glass containers, flexible packaging, re-sealable labels, or labels approved for direct food contact, embossing, holograms, clear label look, resist pasteurization, and tamper-proof seals. These eye-catching label finishing and also functional label will have great impact on food and beverages packaging.

Matching your specific needs with our creative expertise, technical know-how and up-to-date automation techniques. We produce wide range of premium quality print solutions to enhance your home and personal beauty care product branding. With our vibrant colour solution and graphics which are printed on curve, flat or round shapes surface of pressure sensitive labels, tube labels and other functional labels are eye catching thus influence purchasing decision.

These multiple variance and premium adhesive labels grace many of our customers’ products.

Get noticed with our superior quality labels with crisp printing quality and proven material. With our innovative technology and long experience supplying to lubricant oil industry, we understand the requirement from our customers in packaging and also quick and efficient supply chain process. We are the key supplier of adhesive labels to our top branding oil and lubricant customers worldwide. Our premium labels are appealing and aid many of these lubricant oil products to get noticed.

Prescription drug labelling, expandable content labels, multiple adhesive labels are some of the wide range of labels introduced in the pharmaceutical industry without compromising regulations and guidelines. Our innovative printing processes allow you to print both on adhesive and non-adhesive side, custom designed to meet specific needs of a product.

We print attractive promotional labels cater to customers’ needs.

Utilising creative “Multiform” Label (Booklet Label) saves cost when incorporate coupons, recipes, games to enhance promotion needs. Instant Redeem Coupon, Adhesive label, Sampling label – create awareness and increase product sales. We can run random and running serial numbers on every product for any promotion you have in mind. There is no limit to your imagination.

We manufacture and supply and conversion of films, papars and aluminum foils for application of food and beverages, chemical and agrochemicals, home care and personal care. We engage flexography as our primary printing methods and it gives an edge over other printing methods.

  1. Solvent based flexography inks are made of environment friendly solvent such as alcohol. At current requirement on non-hazardous inks for food packaging, flexography ink fit well compared to gravure.
  2. It uses photopolymer plate for faster turnaround time ( 2 to 3 days).
  3. It prints on wide variety of substrates, including thin and stretchable film such as HDPE.
  4. It produces fine small text for both over and reverse print.

We primarily supply BOPP Roll-On labels and shrink sleeve labels.

BOPP Roll-On Labels
We make use of shrinkable BOPP film to provide a shrink capability which is ideal for the decoration of contoured bottles or cans. The BOPP film labels are wrapped around the container and sealed with hot-melt adhesive. We print on clear or white film ranging from 12 microns to 100 microns.

Shrink Sleeve Labels
Shrink sleeve labels are ideal for your complex containers, safety seals and promotional packaging needs. Plastic sleeves are measured precisely and then heat-shrunk for a wrap-around fit for any plastic, glass or metal container. They can be used on:

  1. Food and beverages
  2. Personal care
  3. Pharmaceutical products and
  4. Chemical and agrochemical
  5. Household products

Our shrink sleeve label can be made from both commonly used in the market – Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-modified (PETG).

Printing of Flexible Packaging

Flexibles or film based labels have become a popular choice of labelling today due to many advantages offered compare to that of the traditional paper label, silk screen, lithographic printing, and etc.
Due to the increased demand in flexibles labels, Komark has ventured into producing flexibles labels to better serve its valuable customers. Therefore, a series of state of the art equipment have been installed specially for the production of film based labels.
We are capable of producing up to 10 colors printing design; 8 surface colors and 2 backside colors. The backside printing capability is indeed specially cater for promotional labels where front and back of the label is fully utilize to maximize its effectiveness. What’s more, we are also capable of producing laminated labels to further enhance the finishing and print protection of the label. All these allow us to produce highly demanding label design which is a requirement for today’s highly competitive market environment.
With all the capabilities mentioned above, equally important to us is the environmental issue where it is no compromise along the production process. The printing technology engaged is flexography printing technology which is environmental friendly where environmental friendly inks are used. This is not only critical to the environment, but it is equally important to human’s health.
Today, we are capable of producing heat shrinkable PETG or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) sleeve and laminated roll-fed Bi-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) label as well as other range of flexibles packaging.



  • Roll-fed labelling.
  • Single layer or laminated film structure.
  • Suitable for round and square bottles.
  • 360° wraparound.
  • High gloss.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Excellent moist barrier.
  • Good tear resistance.

BOPP roll-fed label is becoming popular for metal can and round PET and glass containers. It allows high speed labelling for large volume usage. It is a great substitute labelling option for conventional lithographic printed cans for beverage products where wide ranges of variants are offered.
Roll-fed label can be laminated with two layers of BOPP films. With the new flexographic press featured with Central Impression Drum, very thin film can be printed to keep cost at minimal level. Laminated labels will protect prints from scuffing off and better labelling efficiency.
Roll-fed labels are closely related with large volume usage due to investment involved for labelling machine. With its significant volume consume annually, the investment on labelling machines became insignificant due to cost savings on roll-fed labels.



  • PETG or PVC heat shrinkable.
  • Common thickness: 40μm-50μm.
  • Using of PET is environmental friendly
  • Suitable for shaped containers.
  • High gloss.
  • Full wraparound.
  • High moist barrier.

PETG and PVC shrink sleeve are commonly used to apply on plastic and glass containers. Thanks to its shrink capability, it can be used on containers of different shapes. Shrink film starts to react to heat at about 60° C. Komark is capable of printing 8 colors on the PETG and PVC shrink film in various film thickness and shrinkage percentage. Our printing is done on reverse side of the film to generate high gloss and ink protection.

We provide tailored brand protection solutions and services to industry with the aim of ensuring product and supply chain integrity. Integrated and multi-layered authentication, anti-tampering, identification, telephone anti-counterfeiting (TAC) and traceability solutions are core elements offered by us.

We have the latest digital printing technology and it offers the most versatile “direct to print” technology in the market. It gives the quality of traditional offset printing with the convenience of short run digital printing. It can also personalize with variable data. It allows any customization of individual graphic or text on a print by print basis. Every impression on the product can be different and making digital ideal for personalized promotion campaign.

Komark is a leading solution provider specialize in customizing labelling machine for each industry needs. We provide total solution on labelling process from labelling, coding, scanning and digital inspection system. We commit to provide robust, creative and practical solutions to our customers with the best match customized labelling machine. Our solution has been widely used in lubricant, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food & beverage, electronic & battery industries.

The Front and Back (2 sides) Labelling machine setup is user-friendly, accurate & consistent label placement for reliability and durability. The features that incorporated into the machine are able to do either both side labelling or single side labelling, it has the alignment system, top stabilization on bottle, and machine synchronization system to make the custom-made machine easy to control by any operator.

Zero Downtime Labeler, increase labelling efficiency with zero downtime. The double front and back labelers provide easy to operate solution for pressure sensitive label application with auto label end detection and auto label change over. With this labeler, two labeling applicator heads are set to run the same label and when one labelling head runs out of labels, the second head starts labelling. The labeler will ensure no product receive two labels or missing label. A synchronized servo motor drive allows labelling up to 150 bottles per minute.

Top labelling machine for vial glass bottle and round bottle provides high productivity and flexibility when wrapping label on cylindrical containers. The machine of full wrap can be operated in an existing line or stand-alone unit. The machine is able to provide total solution on wine bottles, glass food jars and plastic bottles.

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